Family Camping Checklist

The Family Camping Checklist gives a list of camping requirements for when you camp with children

When you go on a camping trip with children there is a lot to be prepared for. You need to plan more carefully than when camping alone.

Of course you must ensure you pack clothes, food, bedding and medicines for everyone.

Once the basics are covered your family camping checklist should also include things to do to keep your children occupied. The great outdoors offers loads of fun things to do, but if the weather is bad and you have to spend a few hours in your tent, you will be grateful of some toys and games to pass the time.

There is a good chance you will be travelling by car so will have space to take as much equipment as you need. This should ensure you are covered for most eventualities.

This family camping checklist assumes you are traveling by car to go camping as a a family with adults and kids (but not babies).

Family Camping Checklist



Backpacks / bags Large water carrier
Bags – Tent bag, plastic bags, etc. Thermos
Storage boxes if needed Stove with fuel/propane
Ice Chest Matches/lighter
Day packs / small rucksacks Campfire grill/BBQ grill
Newspapers for lighting a fire


Charcoal and Grill for BBQ
Tent Frying Pan
Ground Sheet Pans with lids
Extra tent pegs Potholders/oven mitts

Dishes / Utensils

Mat for tent entrance Plates


Sleeping bags Knives, Forks, Spoons and Teaspoons
Sheets/blankets Sharp knife
Pillows Can opener
Air mattress/sleeping pad/cot/tarp Corkscrew / Bottleopener
Air pump Potato peeler
Repair kit for air mattress Wooden spoon
Utility bags for storage Fish slice
Duvets (if you’ve got room!) Tongs
Chopping board

Lighting – Check batteries!

Skewers/grill forks
Torches Thermos flask?
Head Torch Tablecloth/thumb tacks/clips
Spare batteries Paper plates, cups, bowls, etc.
Lantern Plastic knives, forks, spoons
Lighter (as in cigarette)
Matches (water proof)


Spare lantern fuel / batteries Folding table(s)
Folding chairs

Washroom and Personal Items

Toilet paper

Food and Drink

Soap in plastic case Cooking Oil
Shampoo Salt, Pepper, Spices, Sugar
Deodorant Coffee and Tea (don’t forget SUGAR!)
Comb/brush Butter
Razor and shaving cream Milk, juice, soft drinks
Tooth brushes/tooth paste Sauces
Make up Fruit
Personal medications – take extra Bread
Feminine products Snack
Extra toilet paper Food *
Sunglasses * What food to take depends on how long you’re going for and where you are staying.  We can’t cover every option in this list.




Shorts Containers for food storage
T-shirts Aluminum Foil
Socks/extra socks Folding shelves
Hats/gloves/scarves Ziplock bags

Cleaning up

Underwear Washing Up Liquid
Sleep clothes Dish Cloth
Rain gear Tea Towels
Swim suit/towel Rubbish bags
Laundry bag Paper towels
Shower shoes/flip flops Scrub pad/brillo
Dust pan/brush


Camping First aid kit Hand wipes
Sunscreen/chapstick Anti-bacterial lotion
Bug repellant/candles Washing powder / liquid
Plastic grocery bags
Safety pins


Travel Clock Compass/GPS
Money/ID/credit card/change Maps/directions
Clothesline and pegs Guidebooks
Small sewing kit Basic tool kit
Umbrellas Saw/axe
Travel alarm clock Swiss Army knife / Multi tool
Notepad/pen Whistle
Binoculars Fire extinguisher
Rope/clothes line Scissors
Duct tape/electrical tape Work gloves
Watch Small shovel

If you have electrical Hookup


Elec hookup cable Books/magazines/Kindle
Power strip Camera / charger
Travel Fridge / cooler Camcorder / charger
Lamp Fishing rods / nets
Phone chargers Football / cricket set
Musical instruments/song books

For recipes and food ingredients to add to your family camping checklist, please check out out recipes section.

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