When you’re camping, cooking can be a lot more difficult than at home. Ideally you want some camping cooking recipes that:
  • take up little space
  • have ingredients that don’t go off
  • are easy to cook in one or two pans
  • cook quickly

This is one of my favorites…

noodlesVegetable Noodles

Simple, quick and tasty  This is so easy and can be prepared in about 15 minutes (assuming your stove can bring water to the boil fairly quickly). We’ve surprised a group of 15 people with a meal they weren’t expecting in the past, just by getting back a bit early. It’s not the gourmet meal you would expect in someone’s house, but definitely fills a hole.


  1. Cheap packets noodles with flavoring
  2. Onion or spring onions – roughly chopped
  3. Carrot – sliced
  4. Broccoli – chopped
  5. Red Pepper – chopped
  6. Soy Sauce
  7. Chinese 5 spice


Get your pan of water on to boil

Prepare the vegetables. Add some oil to your frying pan and fry off the onions until soft. Add the carrot and fry for a couple of minutes. Add the broccoli and pepper and fry for a few minutes more.

Once the water boils, cook the noodles as per instructions – usually cook for 2 mins in boiling water. Drain most of the water off and add the noodle flavoring.

Add the veg to the noodles and stir around. Add a bit of soy sauce and 5 spice.