By: Simon Q

The difficult thing about this is we’re always optimistic and hope for great weather to accompany us when we camp. But being from England, even in the summer months it’s rare that you get a camping trip without some rain, and you can often suffer downpours and flooding when you’re least expecting it.

It pays to be prepared, so if you have the space, here are some extras to pack so you will be able to deal with a damp, drizzly camping trip with good grace.


This is the obvious thing to take when it’s raining. Keeps you dry! What more is there to say?

Tarpaulin, extra poles and guy ropes

A true necessity for a rainy camping trip. When you camp you expect to sit outside and revel in the fresh air , but even light rain can spoil that unless you’re prepared. An extra tarpaulin can be stretched out from your tent porch to some extra poles to create an extension to your tent. Many modern tents have 2 or more entrances, and they provide enough poles to lift up the porch flap on all the doors. You’re only likely to have one porch flap open at a time, so use the spare poles for your rain shelter.

This is doubly important if you’re cooking meals – you don’t want to fill your tent with smoke and cooking smells by cooking in the entrance / porch so a large covered area is ideal.

Just watch out for strong winds.


Walking boots are generally waterproof and can be used for most purposes, but for slipping out in the rain to head to the toilet block, nothing beats a pair of wellies.

Waterproof trousers

Everyone takes a waterproof coat. But waterproof trousers can save you hours of discomfort, sitting in damp trousers. Or at the least save you minutes of time having to change trousers.


Even when it’s cold it can be preferable to wear shirts, get cold legs but then dry off quickly rather than sitting in damp jeans for hours.


When the rain comes down hard it will inevitable find a way to get into your tent and form a puddle on your ground sheet. If there’s no easy way to direct that water out onto the ground, use a sponge to soak it up.

Loads of socks

Always pack all the socks you think you will need, then add a few more pairs, especially when it’s wet. It can be really uncomfortable to wear damp socks and most unpleasant to get to the last day and find that you have to wear the same damp pair as you had on the day before. Unless you have to carry everything, take extra pairs.

Games / entertainment

It all depends what you like, but make sure you pack a few extra board games, card games, crosswords , word searches, books etc.

Damp and drizzly evenings spent in a tent can even make some of your happy memories if you make the most of the opportunity to play card games and board games as a family or groub of friends.

If you’re not in a large group then extra books, crosswords and other puzzles can pass the time pleasantly.