With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to shop for the most important people in your life. And if you’re like most people, you’d rather avoid going in the hole this December, which can take a lot of digging for deals and strategizing your purchases.

Fortunately, you might have to do a little less digging this year, because this guide is full of great gift ideas for people who love the outdoors. Every item on this list is meant to make the outdoor experience more comfortable and enjoyable, so they’re great gifts for campers, glampers, and outdoor explorers in general!

Most—if not all—of the items listed here can be found in gently used condition at a great price on sites like eBay. To save even more money on ebay, use online promos and deals at checkout for each item!


One of the most foundational items for camping is obviously a tent. Sure, there are some expensive tents out there, but there are also plenty of quality tents that won’t drain your bank account. A tent is a perfect gift for a loved one who wants to enjoy the outdoors while also being protected from the elements. And if they already have a tent, gifting them another one will simply give them a reason to bring you along next time!

Camping Chairs

These chairs come in handy in almost any outdoor scenario. Yes, they’re essential for camping and glamping trips. But they’re also great for relaxing at sporting events, backyard barbecues, hunting outings, and so on. And you can easily find budget-friendly camping chairs to get the job done.

Air Mattress

There are many ways to get better sleep on a camping trip, but a quality air mattress is still among the best. Not only are they much more comfortable than sleeping on the ground or even a pad, but air mattresses are easy to set up, deflate, and store out of the way when not in use. Plus, you can get some of the highest-quality air mattresses for less than $50.

French Press

Nothing beats waking up in nature to a delicious cup of hot coffee. You could accomplish this by bringing a portable coffee machine, instant coffee, or using several other methods on your camping trip. But if you’re going for a simple method and rich taste, you can’t beat a French press.

Also, you can make a lot of coffee in a French press, so it’s especially beneficial if you’re with family or friends. Moreover, there are several cost-effective models that are designed for use in the rugged outdoors.

Vacuum-Insulated Tumbler

Another coffee-related gift to consider for your outdoorsy loved one is a vacuum-insulated tumbler. These tumblers can hold the temperature of a drink all day, so they’re great for both hot and cold beverages. And the stainless steel is durable enough to withstand countless explorations. You can get this gift for $30 or less.

Portable Grill

Sure, cooking over an open fire is pretty fun when you’re camping. But if your loved one is looking for something a little more gourmet, gifting them a portable grill is a solid choice. This is more of an elaborate gift than the others on the list, but you can still get out with dropping less than $100.

Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean you have to empty your bank account or apply for a new credit card to get practical, thoughtful gifts. Campers, glampers, and everyone in between can benefit from any item on this list. Just figure out your budget, do some investigating to see what kind of items your loved ones may need, and take advantage of online deals!

Image via Pexels